When we started the brokerage in 2021, we did a fairly detailed assessment of all technology options available to us. With our goal of being a modern brokerage with a tech-forward position in the market, Deal Studio immediately stood out to us. Their website solutions were extremely robust, and the newly integrated PipeDrive CRM was a major selling point. Looking back, deciding to work with Deal Studio turned out to be a fantastic decision. We're thrilled with the website they provided, and they continue to offer top-notch support when we need it. Additionally, having our team work out of PipeDrive and leverage the automations for NDAs and listings has been a breeze. Much thanks to Ron, Carl, and the rest of the Deal Studio team for everything they've done for us.
Steve Tsorsis
NewLeaf Brokerage
I am a new user of the Deal-Studio platform. I found the onboarding process to be smooth and the learning curve much less burdensome than anticipated. The automations that automate routine administrative tasks save untold hours per day and insure that you never forget anyone anywhere in your process. I am very pleased with the features and functionality for myself and my firm. An incredible value. Deal-Studio allows brokers to focus their time and energy on actual deal making. Should have implemented Deal-Studio years ago.
Jeff Snell
Deal Studio certainly has had a big impact on my practice by allowing me to implement tools and infrastructure that translated best practices to more activity and stronger commission results.
Vasilis Georgiou
I have used Deal Studio’s products for over 15 years and I like that they are always coming up with new ways to benefit our business with new technology offerings. I recommend them!
Blake Taylor
The Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries (CABI) has had a long and beneficial relationship Deal Studio. They have delivered consistently high quality website design and hosting to our association. I would highly recommend Deal Studio.
Paul Chambliss
I've been working with Deal Studio for many years now, and really appreciate the vibrant look of my site, and the quality content that is regularly posted. From client comments, I know that my website is constantly watching my back by providing quality content and education for prospects and clients. It sells value and supports the same methods I use in the field. Deal Studio is a great business partner!
Thom Beckett
Deal Studio is an extremely professional company.
Mel Lisiten
Deal Studio is fantastic. I love the ease of operation.
Peter Picciano
Deal Studio is the perfect website design for the business intermediary professional. They understand the industry and are always integrating new technology and ideas to stay competitive. We have been extremely pleased with the personalized attention we've received from Deal Studio.
Adam Bauer
Deal Studio is the perfect website design for the business intermediary professional. They understand the industry and are always integrating new technology and ideas to stay competitive. We have been extremely pleased with the personalized attention we've received from Deal Studio.
Adam Bauer
Deal Studio has provided us with a great website and has continued to be easy to communicate with and we would highly recommend using them! We have not only used them on our US business we have used them for our Canadian office as well.
Deal Studio has been great for my business. It provides the platform for the website which can be customized and the content in the form of articles and blogs. Also equally important is the responsiveness from their team keeping everything up to date. I would definitely recommend Deal Studio.
Roy Moss
Deal Studio is a turn key web site for the busy business broker who is focused on closing deals.
Finally, web site design by someone who knows business brokerage. Its easy to manage, looks professional and most important, gets results. Feels great to start a meeting with a new client or buyer and the first thing they mention is how nice the site is. Credibility in this business is everything and Deal Studio helps to promote it. Great job guys!
Charlie Cole
It was a pleasure working with Deal Studio to produce our new website. They provided us with personal attention and fresh ideas. Our site is now a tool for doing business not just an electronic brochure. I Highly recommend their services!
Otis Florence
One of the things I like about working with Deal Studio is that I don't need to write my own Blogs. The blogs are included in the monthly hosting cost, which allows me to focus on the day to day operation of my business. The other thing I like about Deal Studio is "Ease of use". I have access to my website if I chose to add/modify content, or add new listings. I have the freedom and flexibility to manage my website, or let you manage it for me.
Mike Lohbeck
Deal Studio, provides a strong foundation for the marketing of my business brokerage practice. Numerous tools are at your disposal, and I have never been let down when needing help to implement my marketing.
Jeff Merry
I have been very pleased with my website that Deal Studio set up for me last year. I had considered allowing a website service from my area do my website for my business brokerage activities, but then decided it would make sense to have Deal Studio develop it since that was what they specialize in. I believe it was a very good decision as everything has worked out to my satisfaction from day one concerning my website!
Gary Lenderman
I have had my website with Deal Studio for several years. It has allowed me to create a professional image and it allows me to highlight the important aspects of what I do. The blogs and articles are also informative and convenient.
Matt Coletta
I became aware of Deal Studio through my company's association with Business Brokerage Press. The depth of Ron West's knowledge of our profession was a huge factor for us in choosing his company, Deal Studio, to build our corporate website. He patiently listened to our needs and translated our business goals into actual results that exceeded our expectations. Our new custom web presence is attractive, highly functioning and accurately represents us. Ron and his team are easy to work with; they handled our requests, questions, and updates in a very professional and timely manner. In fact, his responsiveness was remarkable. I am happy to recommend Deal Studio to anyone wanting a fresh, innovative website with cutting edge functionality. We have nothing but praise for Deal Studio.
Michael J Schwantes
We have been a user of Deal Studio for over 10 years and have been pleased with the design and functionality of our site. I can highly recommend Deal Studio for new and experienced business brokers.
Ron Hill
It is with mixed feelings that I inform you that I am in the process of retiring. While I'm excited about having more time for grandkids, sailing and golf, I am none-the-less a bit sad about leaving the profession of business brokerage. I've enjoyed so many friendships and acquaintances as a business broker, including clients, competitors, professional counterparts, and association contacts. What a great family! One of the best things to happen to me, decades ago, was to meet Tom and Barbara West at an IBBA meeting. I became a devotee of their varied products from BBP, and ultimately, to BBP's website services. Like many small business owners, I created my first website in-house. From there I hired a local "geek" to make us look more professional. Throughout this process we used a variety of hosting services for our website, as well as for our email. It wasn't until we contracted with BBP to host our site and email that we looked like a "real business." Once we turned the creative part over to BBP we noticed an almost immediate increase in viewership. Better late than never, I guess. Ron and his associates have been great to work with, and...very patient! Let's just say that one thing in our business that didn't grow was our knowledge of all things "IT!" Finally, I want to say that turning our site over to BBP was one of the most cost effective things I've done as a business owner. I used to resent the checks I wrote to most of the "experts" I used. That ended when BBP South took over. So, to Barbara, Tom, Ron and the rest of the BBP staff, thanks for all you did for us!
Larry G. Vaughn
Beacon Business Exchange, Inc.
Deal Studio's web site design and services is second to none. They are the premiere source for business broker web sites in the industry. Great team to work with.
Tony McDaniel