Deal Management

What would Deal Studio be without deal management?
We offer custom pipelines to automate your workflow. They are designed to streamline all the individual tasks and emails involved in managing your deals.
Once you see how our management system works, you’ll understand why our platform is a true game-changer.

Deal Pipelines & Stages

Now you can track all processes, deals, and workflows. Simply use our standard pipelines and stages, customize them, or create your own. Then start the process with any contact and move them through the designed path.
Features Include:

Deal Organization

Manage and store all the specifics of each and every deal. Our system allows you to view all deals in a pipeline. This will empower you to see the big picture overview. At a moment’s glance, you’ll see the stages each of your contacts are currently in.
Features Include:

Deal Automations

As deals advance from stage to stage, you can automate emails, notifications, text messages, tasks, notes, tags and other updates for the assigned contacts or deal owner.
Features Include:

Deal Insights

Now that you have all of your deals managed and organized, you’ll want to run reports, export data, send targeted email blasts, and provide access to your buyers and sellers through your website.
Features Include:

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