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About Deal Studio

Deal Studio was launched as an arm of BBP in 2011 by BBP President, Ron West. Since its launch, the goal of Deal Studio has been to offer the best in marketing, CRM and other related services exclusively to business brokers.
We constantly survey the profession to keep the industry informed of trends, developments, and policies. Over the years, this effort has led to our company establishing industry standards, principles, and practices that define business brokerage. In addition, more intermediaries have entered the industry through Business Brokerage Press than through any other door available.

Our History

For almost a century, our family has provided leading edge solutions for those in the brokerage industry. The timeline below outlines some of the key moments that have shaped our company’s longstanding history.
The Tradition Begins
Russ Wright, Sr. moves to California to start his business brokerage career. He opens The Wright Company.
The Second Generation
Russ Wright, Jr. moves to California to work with his father at The Wright Company.
The Third Generation
Tom West joins The Wright Company; marries Russ's daughter, Barbara, and continues the family tradition.
Changing Coasts

The Wests move East to start VR Business Brokers, having grown the UBI company to 54 offices across the West Coast.

Tom starts Business Brokerage Press (BBP) and becomes the founder and director of the International Business Brokerage Association.
The Fourth Generation

Ron joins the family business and becomes the 4th generation to serve the business brokerage industry.

BBP Goes Digital
WebRight launches as a service of BBP to develop websites under the leadership of Ron West.
Making it Official

BBP incorporates and Ron West becomes president of the corporation. DealTrax is launched as a deal management system for the business brokerage industry.

A New Vision and Name
WebRight and DealTrax merge and become Deal Studio with the goal of offering industry specific marketing, CRM, and related services.
Pulling it All Together

Deal Studio platform launches as "The Ultimate, One-Stop Platform for Business Intermediaries".

Filling the Gaps

After more than 20 years in the industry, Deal Studio begins to tailor its services to meet specific and personalized needs of brokers, from lead generation to closing.

An Expanded Vision of What's Possible

Deal Studio adapts to current technology and market shifts, pivoting to help broker's align their marketing and sales objectives while equipping them with strategies to effectively position their brokerages.

Our Team

Ron West

Founder and President

Carl Parker

Head of Operations

Allie Weaver

Brand Strategist

Emily Parker

Project Manager

Sasa Vidakovic

Web Designer

Petar Taler

Full-Stack Developer

Davor Begic

Web Designer

Mario Dunic

CRM Specialist

Sam Mohlenhoff

Client Success

Katie Kalina

Client Success

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Our clients are getting excellent results. To us, that’s the best proof that our approach is highly effective.
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