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Deal Studio is the ultimate one-stop platform for business intermediaries that automates, accelerates, and elevates deal making.

We do this by bringing together best-in-class technology, cutting edge tools, industry content, four generations of industry knowledge, a team of experts, and a passion to advance the profession.

The platform is made up of nine tightly integrated components that provide our clients a complete platform for optimal business operations. It’s called Deal Studio, and we can’t wait to show you what our platform can do for you!

Our Platform

Our industry leading solutions are adaptable to each client’s individual needs.

Industry Websites

The hub of Deal Studio is your website. It is the front door to your business and the target of your digital marketing. It’s where lead captures occur and marketing automation begins. And that’s just the beginning.
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Professional Content

Not only does your website benefit from industry specific content, but so does your SEO, social media, email marketing, marketing automation, lead capture, and listing promotion. We integrate professional content into every component of Deal Studio.
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Lead Capture Tools

Getting people to visit your website can be a waste of resources if your site is not equipped to properly capture leads. Deal Studio has developed a 15 point lead capture system that is baked into every site we build.
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Sales CRM

Your leads need a place to live, and so do your listings, sellers, buyers, referral sources, and other clients. Managing contact info, activity, deals, automations, tasks, notes, and emails is central to our platform, and most management is automated.
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Deal Management

What would Deal Studio be without deal management? We offer custom workflow pipelines that automate all the individual tasks and emails involved in managing your deals. Once you see how it works, you’ll see why our platform is a “game- changer”.
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Integrated Workflows

Integrated workflows can be found throughout our platform. They are what makes it all come together. We take the manual tasks of deal making and automate them, saving you time and energy.
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Our clients are getting excellent results. To us, that’s the best proof that our approach is highly effective.

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