You Have a Vision, We Have the Tools

We help business brokers streamline workflows, strengthen client connections, and leverage data for more efficient operations, shorter deal cycles, and greater market success.

Who has time to chase and track down leads? Not you!

As a business broker, you juggle multiple responsibilities daily—chasing leads, tracking deals, managing client relationships, and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. We understand how overwhelming and exhausting this can be. Your expertise should be focused on closing deals and growing your business, not on administrative burdens.
That’s why we’ve developed a platform designed to streamline your workflow, automate routine tasks, and provide insightful analytics. Our goal is to free up your time so you can concentrate on what you do best—making deals happen. We’re here to help you work smarter, not harder, ensuring no steps are missed and every opportunity is maximized.

Move the Deal Forward All In One Place

Deal Studio with Pipedrive integration transforms the typical CRM experience by offering a more deal-centric approach. It provides enhanced deal tracking, advanced automation, and customized reporting tailored specifically for business brokers, ensuring seamless workflow and efficient client management.

Save Time With No Missed Steps

Whether it’s an increase of revenue, entry into a new market, or growing a team, a solid system to make you faster, organized, and more efficient makes all the difference.


Design: Visually appealing designs for brokers, ensuring a strong online presence.

Integration: Advanced integration with CRM and deal management tools, ensuring seamless lead capture and tracking.

User Experience: Optimized for broker needs, with intuitive navigation and features focused on deal-centric workflows.


Customization: Customized workflows and dashboards to fit specific broker needs.

Automation: Advanced automation, including deal-specific actions and reminders, improving deal flow efficiency.

Reporting: Detailed, customized reporting focused on deal progress, broker performance, and market trends.

Deal Management

Lead Management: Integrated forms and automated email campaigns to generate and manage leads effectively, saving time and effort.

Deal Tracking: Enhanced, deal-centric tracking tailored to specific deal stages and broker needs.

Client Interactions: Enhanced communication tools tailored to broker-client interactions, facilitating better deal negotiations.


CRM Analytics:  In-depth CRM analytics offering insights on user activity, client interactions, and CRM adoption rates.

Email Analytics:  Advanced email analytics, including engagement tracking, A/B testing results, and campaign effectiveness.

Sales Analytics: Detailed sales analytics with insights on deal stages, performance, and revenue forecasts.

Broker Solutions

We’re your Deal Studio, offering tailored business solutions designed specifically for you, the business broker, to help you excel at all stages of the deal-making process.

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