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Not only do your leads need a place to live, but so do your listings, sellers, buyers, referral sources, and other clients
Our business broker and M&A CRM is a true gamechanger. Managing contact info, activity, deals, automations, tasks, notes, and emails is central to our business broker CRM platform, and most management is automated. When it comes to CRM for M&A and brokerage, we’ve thought of how to make our clients’ lives easier and more productive.

Notes, Tasks & Emails

These three processes are integral for any CRM. But Deal Studio has gone one step farther with our business broker CRM software, as we have specifically designed notes, tasks and emails to serve the needs of those in the brokerage industry.
Features Include:

Web Site Integration

Most business broker CRM systems don’t get used because entering the necessary data takes too much time and energy. That’s why our broker and M&A CRM features are streamlined and intuitive.
Features Include:

Contact Activity

Go beyond just storing data for your contacts. Through Deal Studio, you can leverage that activity to trigger drip campaigns and other automations.
Features Include:

Segmenting & Searching

Retaining information on your contacts is useless if you don’t have a way to find the ones you need. That’s why our business broker CRM software puts an array of search options at your fingertips.
Features Include:


Most brokers find that they lack the time necessary for important tasks such as proper lead nurturing, email marketing, deal management and file sharing. Our business broker CRM does the heavy lifting for you!
Features Include:

Deal Management

Contacts are often tied to deals, whether they be a seller prospects, sellers, or buyers. Deal Studio’s business broker CRM software shows all related deals to your contacts alongside their current deal stage pipeline.
Features Include:


Not every office works the same way. That’s why Deal Studio allows for many broker and M&A CRM customizations to fit the unique needs and preferences of our clients.
Features Include:

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Our clients are getting excellent results. To us, that’s the best proof that our approach is highly effective.
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