Connecting with highly qualified leads that have a problem you solve with a message of change they can't ignore at a time when its most relevant to their success.

You have the greatest impact when you address their greatest obstacles.

Proactive. Targeted. Solution-Oriented Problem Solvers.

When you reach out to potential clients, how does the conversation go? If your email is one of many, how does it cut through the clutter and get the attention you desire? Once the prospective client engages, what’s next?
Successful prospecting happens when you strategically engage someone experiencing tension in an area where you can offer relief.
Often, the root causes of their struggles are unclear. But when you align your solutions with where they really are on their journey, you become equipped and desired to help the prospect move forward with clarity, direction, and confidence.

Value-Based Prospecting


Identify Your Audience

Value-based prospecting puts the customer first, targeting those who are in a position to gain the most from your broker services.
It’s about reaching potential clients where they are and helping them move toward their goals.
By finding and focusing on those business owners who will truly benefit from your expertise, you can improve and speed up the sales process, making it likely that sellers will list their businesses with you.

Understand Their Problem

Once you’ve identified a core group of sellers you’d like to work with, now’s the time to identify the unique challenges they’re facing.
Get to know the hurdles your potential clients face regularly and figure out why they’re stuck with these issues.
It’s all about seeing things from their perspective — how these problems are getting in the way of their work and life.

Tailor Your Solution

Once you have their attention, don’t just start selling what you can do.
Your products and services are not solutions to a seller’s problems.
They are simply the vehicle to deliver the solution.
So, take your time and show prospects that you’re there to make a real difference in areas that matter most to their success.

Craft Your Message

Your message to potential clients should be built on three pillars: the situation they’re in (context), the information or help they need (content), and making it specific to them (personalization).
It’s important to make sure you’re reaching out at the right time with the right message — one that fits into their current story and shows them how you can help write the next chapter.