A strategic approach to earning a key space in the minds and hearts of your audience.

Become the largest influencer in their mind. Without it, all that's left is what they think of you.

What Happens if You Don't Stand Out?

Your prospect is bombarded with a lot of messages from every direction. Watch this! Buy this! Go This Way! No That Way! Sell With Me!
All of these efforts amount to noise, noise, noise.
How you get through the noise and through their rejection of many of the tactics used to reach them?
This is the job of positioning, taking your brand, message, and way of doing things and causing the prospect to make connections in their mind to how you’re the key to their future desired state.

The Fundamental Pillars of Positioning


Understand What You're Up Against

To know if your approach to potential clients will land well, it’s first critical to understand what you’re up against.
What world is your prospect living in? How do they behave? How is it different on the weekend vs. the weekday? Who do they trust already that can do the work you’re offering? What promises are being made? Do they believe these promises? Are there any gaps in their messaging or methodologies?
And do you have a message, promise, and way of doing things better?
The world your services as a business broker strive to enter is not neutral ground. Therefore, with all strategic diligence, find a way into their mind that will set you apart as a category of one.

Identify a Target Market to Serve

It is nearly impossible for business brokers to do No. 1 or any other steps covered on this site if the target is everyone.
When everyone is your target, your positioning will suffer, and you’ll undermine your:
Message, which is tailored and able to cut through the noise more effectively.
Relevance, a careful consideration of and attention to the audience’s needs, desires, and preferences.
Efficiency, focusing time, effort, and money on the areas most likely to engage the most promising prospects and yield the highest returns.
Metrics, the insights needed to track your overall impact on the market.
Adaptability, the ability to modify or make changes in your strategies based on client and market feedback.

Package Your Brand

More than just standing out, positioning is about influencing a prospect’s decision to choose you over other options available to them.
Positioning is about owning a certain part of the market and presenting your brand and communicating (i.e., packaging) in a way that speaks directly to your prospect’s desires and challenges.
It’s about identifying what your prospect’s need and values most, and then consistently reinforcing your brand’s value, promise, and ability to impact a prospect’s life in the way that gets them closer to what they want.
And to do so across every touchpoint, building a narrative that not only meets but anticipates the needs of the market, ensuring that when it comes time to make a decision, the choice is naturally, inevitably you.

Implement, Monitor, Adapt

Implementation is about bringing your positioning to life — making sure that every customer touchpoint, from social media to sales calls, reflects your brand’s core message.
But launching your strategy is just the start.
The key to enduring success is vigilant monitoring — using metrics to measure performance, gather insights, and understanding client feedback.
This data is your guide to adapting your approach, fine-tuning your message, and staying ahead of market shifts.
By being responsive to change and proactive in evolving markets, you ensure that your brand not only maintains its relevance but continues to lead and define the market, solidifying the preference of your brand as the only choice for prospects.