What Brokers Need to Know About SEO

Business brokers looking to find more clients will want to take full advantage of SEO in every possible way

SEO, or search engine optimization, means maximizing your website so that search engines, like Google, will properly index your site

When individuals looking to buy or sell business do a search on business brokers, buying a business or a range of other search terms, they will find you online. A key fact to consider in this equation is that if a prospective client doesn’t find you online, they are likely going to find your competitor. If you want your business to thrive then SEO is essential.

You’ll need to determine what keywords you want to target and then create original and engaging content that establishes you and your team as a knowledgeable, professional and seasoned professionals. That content also must have terms that are what people in your area are likely to be searching. For example, if you are located in Denver, “Denver business broker” would more than likely be one of the keywords you’d want to target.

SEO is about much more than having those interested in buying or selling a business finding your website online

More to the point, it is about having the right kind of prospective buyers and sellers find your website online.

There are several key questions to ask. Are your website visitors really the kind of clients you want? Is your traffic being generated in an organic fashion? Obviously, if all your traffic comes from unrelated searches or parties who are not really interested in what you offer, you will fail to gain many new clients through web searches.

Of course, all of this goes well beyond simple keyword placement. You’ll also want to invest the time to ensure that you have the right title tags and meta descriptions. Tags and meta descriptions help search engines find and index your website; they are far from being an afterthought.

You will also want to update your site frequently as Google favors websites that are frequently updated with original content. Your SEO game will benefit from updating content so that every time Google indexes your website it is different. One way to achieve this is to update your blogs and SEO settings.

Whether you are using content from Deal Studio or writing your own original content, it is important that you always keep SEO in mind. Deal Studio can, of course, do the heavy lifting for you and keep your SEO fresh and engaging, so that you can get back to focusing on working with clients.