5 LinkedIn Tips for Business Brokers

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business professionals in a variety of industries, including business brokerage. Business brokers can utilize LinkedIn to keep their current network of contacts abreast of their latest activities and business for sale opportunities, strategically grow their network, gain new insights and knowledge, and ultimately close more deals.

The following tips will give you a well-rounded path to success on LinkedIn:

  1. Complete your profile: Before you start making new connections and starting new conversations, make sure your profile is in tip-top shape including a professional headshot, summary, experience, contact information, and as much other information as you can fill out. People will visit your profile, so make sure they are seeing what you want them to see when they get there.
  2. Start publishing updates: Consistent content (at least once a week) will help keep you in front of your network, showing that you are active and ensuring they won’t forget about you. Quality content includes relevant articles, blog posts, networking opportunities, pro tips, and even your listings.
  3. Join groups and join the conversation: LinkedIn groups are abundant, so narrow in on the ones that matter to you. You may want to focus on networking groups in your local market or industry-specific groups in industries that you specialize in. You may also want to join business brokerage networking and education groups to make new connections and further your knowledge. Once you’ve joined some groups, monitor the discussions for opportunities to comment and add value. Start new discussions as well, just be sure to read the group rules first to make sure you are adhering to their policies.
  4. Send connection requests: Grow your network by sending connection requests to people you want to know. This could be centers-of-influence such as CPA’s and attorneys, other business brokers for co-brokering opportunities, or business owners in the geographic target or industries that you are looking to focus in. Use LinkedIn’s search tool to find these people and then invite them to connect. Once they accept your invitation and are now your connection, send them a short message thanking them for connecting with you and introducing yourself.
  5. Keep in touch with connections: As you add new connections, don’t forget about your old connections. Has it been awhile since you’ve engaged with them? Send them a message asking them how their year is going or sharing something valuable with them such as a relevant blog post.

Once you have all of these tips working for you, you will see your LinkedIn presence grow tremendously. Just don’t forget to check for the notifications and messages you’ll undoubtedly be receiving!